The Elle TENS is one of our most popular TENS machines. It is the base model, however it emits electrical impulses identically to the TENS 2 and TENS Plus. It still allows you to have control over the boost function with Opti-max technology. Opti-max supports you when you really need that extra surge of power in the final stages of labour.

The only significant difference between the Elle TENS to the two other units, is that it does not include a contraction timer. We have found that a majority of our mums are not phased without this feature, as they tend to use their phones to time their contractions.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Transcutaneous, means across the skin. A TENS machine passes small electrical currents across the skin, via four small electrodes that stick to the skin of your lower back. TENS machines, when used in labour have been found to distract the pains of labour; block pain signals from reaching your brain, and release feel good hormones known as endorphins; allowing for an overall more positive birthing experience.


  • TENS is a small, portable, battery-operated machine; therefor it is a great option for at home use (and fab for the car ride to hospital too).
  • The impulse frequency and strength can be self-adjusted, to suit your needs during labour.
  • If you don’t like the feeling, or you’re not getting the desired effect, you haven’t committed to anything. The electrodes can be removed and you are able to try other pain relief options.
  • Most importantly, there are no known adverse outcomes from the use of a TENS machine in labour; it is safe for both mum and bub.

How does our TENS hire work?

Mama and I TENS offers a long hire period of 8 weeks, to allow ample time for bubs arrival, and importantly time for you to relax in the postpartum journey.

Select the date (on the calendar) when you would like to receive your TENS machine. The calendar will show the availability of the machine, by allowing you to select the date.  We recommend that you select to receive your TENS when you will be 36 weeks pregnant.

Late to book/no availability on the calendar?

Email us hello@mamaanditens.com.au and we will try our best to organise a machine for you on your requested date.

Due in a few months?

You can book your TENS as far in advance as you like, which we strongly encourage due to increasing popularity and demand.

We will ship it to you 1 week prior to your selected hire date to ensure your device arrives in time. PLEASE NOTE: we do allow plenty of time for your TENS to arrive, however sometimes (very rarely) a delivery will take longer than anticipated. Please be sure to inform us of this at hello@mamaanditens.com.au and we will happily arrange a back up device for you.

Included in your hire:

  • Elle TENS  – Preset modes (Burst and Boost)
  • 4 x brand new reusable electrode pads (can be reused up to 20-30 times)
  • 4 x brand new AA batteries (we encourage including a few extra sets of your own - just in case!)
  • 2 x leadwires
  • Mama and I lanyard and carry satchel
  • Full instruction manual
  • Australia Post Prepaid bubble satchel to return your TENS machine

Spare electrodes can be purchased here for only $10

Spare Electrode Pads – Mama and I TENS


Which TENS is the right one for me?

When choosing your TENS machine remember:

🌸 All machines deliver the same level of labour pain relief.

🌸The differing factors between the devices are ONLY added bonus features.

We hope this helps when making your decision 🤍

Returning your TENS

You will receive a reminder when your device is due back, so you don’t forget!

Once you have finished with your TENS, place ALL contents (as above) into the prepaid bubble satchel. Then drop it in at your nearest Australia Post, and be sure to keep your lodgement receipt in case there are any issues with your return.

Private Health Rebate

You may be covered for a TENS hire and/or purchase rebate, if you have private health insurance. Once you have placed an order with us, you will automatically receive a PDF invoice, which you can then submit to your health provider. Each provider and level of plan offers different rebates, but it is certainly something to look into!

Please note that our TENS Hire Prices have increased as of September 2021 due to COVID-19 inflation's.

Elle TENS instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
HEATHER (Melbourne, AU)
great product and super convenient

Everything about this hire is thoughtful, down to the extra batteries, easy instruction card and convenient pouches. Would highly recommend to anyone sourcing a TENS

Lucy Forshaw


Jacquie Godden (Sydney, AU)

I loved using the Elle TENS during my labour. The machine helped me to ride the waves of my early contractions along with my partners support. I would recommend this device to all of my pregnant friends as it was a great addition to my labour kit!

Lucy A (Sydney, AU)

Really wish I had known about Mama and I for my first birth. My first birth was an induction and I was not ready for the onset of contractions that came 1 minute apart from the get go, it really wasn't the birth i envisioned for my first time with a failed epidural and having the vacuum.
My second birth with the tens machine was such a different experience my contractions started on Wednesday morning at 1am 39 hours of inconsistent but strong contractions trying to turn my posterior bub would not have been easy without the tens machine they more than halved the intensity on just a low setting. As I progressed to second stage labour the boost button really helped me get through those strong contractions, so much so i was able to stay on my feet and keep moving to help bub make his way down. 41 hours on and one set of batteries, the last half an hour of labour i moved to the shower and used some gas for pushing but otherwise the only pain relief i used was the tens machine for 40 & a half hours of my 41 hours of contractions. I have not stopped telling all my pregnant friends that they need to order theirs!!

Rebecca Charbachi (Sydney, AU)
Highly recommend

I used the Elle tens machine after having a stretch & sweep, at home & in labour at the hostpital. It was so convenient & had it on me at all times.
I can’t imagine having gone through all those contractions after being induced without the pain relief of the tens machine & some gas.
I got to enjoy this beautiful experience a lot more calmly & focused.
I’m so glad I hired the tens machine & will definitely hire again for the future. ❤️❤️❤️