When hiring a TENS machine you agree to the following:

  1. The Elle TENS unit must only be used according to its standard operating instructions which are supplied with your hire, or can be downloaded from our website.
  2. We do not take responsibility for the success of the TENS machine in labour, as its effect varies for each individual and their unique circumstances.
  3. You must not use a TENS machine:
  • Before you go into labour (unless you have consulted with your midwife, doctor or health professional).
  • If you have a cardiac pacemaker or a heart rhythm problem.
  • If you have broken skin or a healing scar where you want to place the pads.
  • Over a new caesarean section wound.
  • When you’re in a shower, bath, or birth pool.

For the full list of contraindications, please refer to the instruction manual, or consult with your medical team.

  1. We will always do our best to ensure your TENS arrives on or before your preferred hire date.

NOTE: There are circumstances where there may be unexpected delays, which are out of our control. Refunds are not applicable for machines that do not arrive before your hire date. If you are already 36+ weeks emphasise that you select express shipping to avoid a late arrival of your shipment.

  1. Your TENS has been thoroughly cleaned, tried and tested prior to shipment and will be supplied to you in working order.
  1. It is your responsibility to check that all contents of the hire package are included and in working order. Please inform us if you encounter any problems immediately so that we can resolve the issue.
  1. You agree to return your TENS machine and all accessories to us in the same condition it was received in. NOTE: You are welcome to dispose of used electrodes and paperwork. We understand that items may go missing, you will only be charged if the machine is not returned to us or it is damaged.
  2. If for any reason you are unable to return the TENS unit by the last day of the hire period we will:

- Contact you via email, text message and as a last resort follow up with a phone call.

- If the machine is not returned to us, you will be issued with an invoice to the value of $160.00. If this is not paid within the specified time frame on the invoice, and if you have failed to make contact with us, we will follow up with our preferred debt collection agency.

  1. By proceeding with the hire arrangement you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound 9by these terms and conditions.