How to hire your TENS machine?

Online Booking

Go to the 'Hire' section on our website.

Choose the TENS machine of your choice.

Select the date on the calendar for when you would like to receive your TENS machine. We recommend that your hire your machine no later than 36 weeks. Make sure you allow enough time with shipping for your TENS machine to arrive to you in time.

Once you have paid you are all booked in. We will post your TENS machine to you via your selected postage method (regular or express) and you will receive either an email or text message confirmation with your tracking number.

Hire Period

We offer two types of hire:

8 week hire for labour and post birth

Our hire period is for a total of 8 weeks, from 36 weeks gestation until 4 weeks postpartum to allow sufficient time at either side of your baby's due date.

You are welcome to adjust the date you receive your machine to whenever you feel comfortable.

The ultimate 12 week hire for pregnancy, labour and post birth





Returning your machine after use.

Your TENS machine is due back 8 weeks after your hire date. We will send you a text message reminder one week prior to your return date.

Simply place your Mama and I pouch into your return, prepaid postage bag and drop it off at your nearest Australia postage outlet, and make sure to keep your receipt, so that we are able to track your order.

How do I use my TENS machine?

  • Your birth partner or midwife will be able to place the pads on your back for you. Follow the instruction manual of where to correctly place the electrodes. 
  • Your birth partner or midwife will be able to place the electrodes on your back for you. Follow the instruction manual of where to correctly place the electrodes.
  • Ensure your TENS machine is turned off before placing the pads on your back.
  • Place two of the pads on either side of your spine, with the tops of the pads at about bra-strap level.
  • Place the other two lower down, at about the level of the dimples on your lower back, just above your bottom.
  • Switch the machine on, starting with the controls at the lowest setting. Turn them up gradually as your contractions get stronger, or when the pain in your back gets worse.
  • Use the boost button at the peak of each contraction. The boost function results in more intense, wave-like tingling or buzzing sensations.
  • Remember to turn off the boost button again when the contraction has ended. This is so you feel the benefit of the boost next time you have a contraction.
  • Keep mobile. Moving around during labour helps you to feel in control and will make TENS more effective.
  • Don't give up straight away if you think TENS isn't doing anything. You may need to keep using it for at least an hour before it starts to work for you.
  • If the pads start to lose their stickiness, rub a few drops of water into the gel side of the pads before putting them back on. The more firmly the pads are stuck on, the better they'll work.
  • If you don't think the pads are helping you after a while, take them off. You are in control of your labour and what is working for you. All other forms of pain relief, both medical and non-medical, are still open to you