MAMA and i ITENS - tips for babies in the weather

Robyn Fitzgerald is a Midwife/Nurse and Lactation consultant based in Melbourne and provides ongoing support to women and their families post birth (the fourth trimester).


Robyn has shared a few tips to try on sunny days:

☀️ In hot weather skin contact can be quite uncomfortable. A thin layer (like a muslin wrap) placed between bub and your arm/ body can ease the stickiness of skin to skin

☀️ A damp, cool face washer where your bubs head rests on your arm can also be cooling while they feed - very refreshing for those bubs who are really hot little feeders!

☀️ A gentle misting water bottle that you spray into the air to waft down on you both while you are feeding is also something that feels lovely - & you can spray the toddler to keep them amused at the same time!

☀️ Side lying down to feed may be more comfortable for both of you, as only bubs mouth and your breast need to be in contact- it is seriously a game changer for feeding in hot weather!

☀️ If your bubs skin feels hot to touch, sponge bub with lukewarm (body heat) water at frequent intervals. An alternative is bathing often - both of you can enjoy this together and you can feed in the bath at the same time! What a lovely sensory activity on a hot day!

☀️ Having a water bottle with ice in it for you mumma (especially while you are feeding) is one way of making sure your own fluid intake is improved on hot days

☀️ Travelling in hot weather can be a little tricky. Ensure that the area of the car that the baby is restrained in is cooled effectively without direct sun through the windows. You may need to stop and wake your bub for breastfeeds and for a break from the car restraint regularly.

☀️ Dress your bub in cool, loose fitting clothing - cotton really breathes! Nappy free time with bub on the floor is a lot of fun!

☀️ Staying indoors in the hottest part of the day may challenge those bubs with high sensory needs - this is the time for water play in the bath and more breastfeeding! If outside - remember to use the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a hat and cool loose clothing

☀️ Prams may get very hot as it is difficult for air to circulate - an open-weave style bassinet, layback stroller, cot or portable cot is probably cooler for your baby to sleep in or a mattress on the floor - this has the added advantage of you being able to lie down to feed and roll away ninja style 😏

June 21, 2021 — Mintt Studio

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