Compare the Elle TENS - Which one is the right one for me?

Our most commonly asked question, so let us break it down for you!

🌸 All machines deliver the same level of pain relief for your labour.

🌸The differing factors between the devices are ONLY added bonus features.

The Elle TENS 

THE ELLE TENS comparison

🌸 Does NOT have a screen that lights up. 

Screen lighting may/or may not be an important feature for you.

🌸 No contraction timer

This may be an added luxury you do not actually need or maybe you would prefer to let your body do it's thing, without 'timings'. Your birth partner, phone app or medical team can also assist in timing your contractions.

🌸 Has been designed only for birth with two modes to be used for labour. 

Meaning, you may not be able to use it for general pregnancy pains, or afterbirth pains in the postpartum period.


The Elle TENS 2

 Elle TENS 2 Comparison

🌸 DOES have a screen that lights up. 

Dim, dark lighting may be an important feature for your birth, so this feature will be handy for you so that you can read the screen in the dark!

🌸 Has a contraction timer

So many mamas rave about this handy feature so they can monitor the progress of their labour, and tell their midwife how often the contractions are coming, and long they are lasting!

🌸 Like the Elle TENS, it has been designed for birth only, with two modes to be used for labour and no standard pain mode.



The Elle TENS Plus

Elle TENS Plus comparison

🌸 The Queen of the machines! The Elle TENS Plus is the newest, and most advanced of all of the machines. 

🌸 DOES have a screen that lights up

🌸 Has a contraction timer

🌸 It has three modes, Birth, Pelvic and Pain mode.

Birth mode contains the same features as Elle TENS and Elle TENS 2.

The pelvic floor function is for strengthening your pelvic floor using a vaginal probe. This is NOT included in the hire, and is only for use 12 weeks post birth. A great function if you are looking to buy the device.

The standard pain mode is an included feature. This is a great option for second, third + time mums who may experience painful afterbirth cramping. The pain mode will be your life saver!


Below is a side by side comparison of our maternity TENS devices to make your selection easier.



May 16, 2022 — Mintt Studio