Can I use my TENS in water?
Unfortunately your TENS machine cannot get wet so it CANNOT be used in the bath or shower.

But this does not stop you from immersing in water during your labour. All you need to do is take your TENS off and remove the electrode pads.

If you find that your are finished with water therapy or it is not for you, then you can easily reapply your TENS or try an alternative form of pain relief.

💦 NEVER enter water with your TENS on. The TENS machine is an electronic device that is not suitable for water.

💦Keep your electrode pads in a clean and dry condition after each use (place them on their plastic film between uses). When well kept, the electrodes can be reused 20-30 times.

💦Always ensure that you are completely dry before handling the machine and reapplying your electrodes to avoid water damage.
May 16, 2022 — Mintt Studio