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My first birth  - Long, epidural, forceps and all that jazz.
Second birth - C-section. She was breech
Third birth - VBAC ( TENS ) magical ✨

My waters broke at 7:00am, it took a while for things to get moving. I was in the hospital walking and bouncing around to help commence labour. He had done a poo so I wasn’t allowed to go home.

At 11:00am they put the drip in, to ramp up the contractions.

1:00pm I was 3cm dilated (things were intense)

At around 4:00pm I was still 3cm. I felt deflated but I wanted to keep going and push through.

Between 4:00 - 9:00pm I went from 3cm to my body pushing him out without me having to give any effort.

It was so amazing to experience. I said “ I think I need to poo” and then there he was. I got them to take the TENS off at one point thinking that I was managing on my own, BUT I asked for it straight back... It was my saviour!

January 14, 2022 — Mintt Studio

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