Abby's Birth Story
Congratulations Abby who welcomed 'Lylah' into the world on 23/02/21 - another #mamaanditensbaby

Read Abby's birth story below 🤍

I went into labour naturally at home on Monday afternoon/night after having a sweep done that morning. I was having mild/irregular contractions and couldn’t go to bed as I felt things were going to progress. I put the TENS machine on from @mamaanditens and instantly knew it was exactly what I needed, I honestly cannot recommend it enough!! At 1030pm I lost my mucus plug and then about midnight my waters broke. Still having contractions I walked around the house, sat on the medicine ball in my ensuite with some candles focusing on my breathing and then at about 245am I laid down in bed as I was quite exhausted, still having contractions but they hadn’t intensified and I managed to rest a little. It’s like my body just knew what was about to come. A couple of hours later I got up and showered, that’s when things hit another level. I put the TENS machine back on straight away and the contractions became closer together and extremely painful.

Jamayne woke up (yes I was labouring by myself the whole night haha) and could see how much pain I was in. He asked me what I wanted to do and I pretty much said get me to the hospital, NOW. I rang my midwife, who said he’d meet us there. We left home, took us approx 20 mins to get to the hospital which was the worst car ride I have ever endured, the contractions were so close together and I was in excruciating pain, barely being able to breathe through them.

We arrived, met my midwife and went straight to the birth suite. He checked me and I was fully dilated. We got in the shower and I knelt down on the floor and started to push. Within 10-15 mins (20 mins of being at the hospital) my beautiful baby girl was born.

Still wrapping my head around the fact my birth “plan” actually went to plan and I laboured exactly how I envisioned, how I had manifested for so long.
I am so grateful for being able to experience a drug-free natural labour, surrendering to what my body was doing and trusting i was capable of being in control.
March 01, 2021 — Mintt Studio

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